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For Lovers of Old Electricity & The Poetry of Powerlines

Purveyors of the Laws of Gravity.

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a very long engagement, aeroplanes, alarm clocks, all of europe, andrew bird, archaic language, aslan, beautiful things, becoming androids, being egglike, being ephemeral, being misplaced in time, bicycles, bizarrity, boys named colin, brief illusions of normalcy, bristol, brooches, cabbages and kings, chimbley sweeps, cliffs of dover, cliffs of moher, cobblestone streets, collecting things, conversation, cosmonauts, crystal-gazing, dead poet boys, death-to-technology, declaring literary movements, deposed monarchs, dylan thomas, e.e. cummings, eclectic music, epiphanies, existential angst, folk music on vinyl, foreign films, forlorness, greek gods, holland, hyperaestheticism, irish sea chanteys, iron and wine, james joyce, letter-writing, living fiercely, loneliness, lovely ghosts, melpomene, milan kundera, neo-luddism, neutral milk hotel, nostalgia for everything, not the cold war, notebooks, old books, old radio programs, old sweaters, open windows during thunderstorms, orangina, overseas mailings, perpetual astonishment, photo booths, poetry, prague, prophetic dreams, prose poetry, quasi-gnosticism, radical aesthetic beliefs, religious debates, renaissance men, route 66, scarves and mittens, sewing machines, soldier-boys, solidarity, some public transportation, sparks of soul, striped stockings, striving towards enlightenment, sufjan stevens, swansea, talking to strangers, tea-and-incense, the 18th century, the 19th century, the bicycle council, the decemberists, the early labor movement, the great war, the hurdy-gurdy, the industrial revolution, the universe, trader joe's, troubadors, tuberculosis, turnpikes, typewriters, unrequited lovers, vintage clothing, violin rosin, war propaganda, william blake, william faulkner, windmills, winter jackets, wonderful photographs, woody guthrie, youth & beauty brigade, youth countercultural movements